Best placement for the limb leads during and ECG... November 15 2014

A question was recently asked of Darlene at QRS Educational Services regarding the best placement for the limb leads when doing an ECG.  Please read the proposed question and Darlene's response below for details as well as links to research and recommendations on this topic.

Question:  "I wonder if you can help me answer a question that I can't seem to find a consistent answer to.  What is the current recommendation for the limb lead placement when doing a 12 lead ECG?  We have a varied practice and would like to be consistent.  Is there a reference you can recommend?  


Darlene's Response:  Thank you for your email and request. I had to do some research before responding to you. There is a lot of practice variability in placing the limb leads and I have attached 2 articles on the topic that will help address your question.

Alternative Lead Apllications and Modified electrode placement must be recorded when performing 12-lead electrocardiograms