NOVICE Rhythm & ECG online course May 09 2020

May 9, 2020 Novice 8 hour Rhythm and ECG online course: In terms of feedback, I really only have positive things to say. I think that your course was a best case scenario for online learning. You gave several examples that really helped with explaining. You were quick to answer questions in a direct way and broke it down sufficiently so that as a novice learner I could understand. The amount of time you allotted to breaks and to do practice questions was great as well. Finally, I really appreciated you sending the learning material ahead of time, as I don't know that it would've been a great way to learn about strips and ECGs without actually being able to mark them up. Thank you for hosting this course, I really enjoyed it and your teaching style. I look forward to being able to take some of your advanced courses in the future. Warm regards, T