Recipients of 2017 Pamela Twiselton Educational Fund... December 05 2017

A year ago, October 18, 2016, we lost a dear friend and instructor, Pamela Twiselton.  She was very honoured and happy when she found out that QRS was setting up an educational fund in her name to help those who are financially strapped the opportunity to attend one of our QRS educational sessions. I am pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Pamela Twiselton Education Fund is the McMaster University 4th Year Nursing Students. The strike affected them greatly and despite not having their educational subsidy program available because of the strike, they still reached out as a group to have the Rhythm/ECG course brought to them. The course they’re attending will allow them to develop a good introductory understanding of rhythm and ECG interpretation, recognise when ECGs and rhythms require immediate action, and anticipate the treatment to be given.  Without this fund, not all would have been able to attend.