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New for 2023: Certification Courses for Rhythm and ECG Interpretation, Fluid/Electrolytes/ABGs January 01 2023

Our 2023 OnDemand courses are now being offered with the option to complete as a Certification Course. Contact us for more information or visit our Courses page - OnDemand for further detail.

New to Cardiac Monitoring or Telemetry and want an easy course to boost your confidence? April 24 2022

Now Available: OnDemand Rhythm & ECG interpretation for the Novice - Intermediate - Advanced health care provider. New for 2022 is the 4-hour ABCs of Cardiac Medications and the 4-hour Fluid, Electrolytes and ABGs. 


Our On-Demand Courses Rock June 14 2021

Hi Darlene, I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a GREAT job with online delivery. As a student who completed my RPN to BScN almost entirely online, I really struggle to understand why so many schools think that "online education" is synonymous with "self-taught", and that instructors are considered course "facilitators" vs "teachers". I am a strong believer that mature online students should be provided with the same resources as campus students, which includes having access to both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities (ie. live Zoom sessions to interact with the instructor and classmates, or access to video lecture recordings).  I can't express enough how happy I am to have found QRS, I really enjoy your approach to educating and will def be taking more courses in the future. Melissa, May 2021

NOVICE Rhythm & ECG online course May 09 2020

May 9, 2020 Novice 8 hour Rhythm and ECG online course: In terms of feedback, I really only have positive things to say. I think that your course was a best case scenario for online learning. You gave several examples that really helped with explaining. You were quick to answer questions in a direct way and broke it down sufficiently so that as a novice learner I could understand. The amount of time you allotted to breaks and to do practice questions was great as well. Finally, I really appreciated you sending the learning material ahead of time, as I don't know that it would've been a great way to learn about strips and ECGs without actually being able to mark them up. Thank you for hosting this course, I really enjoyed it and your teaching style. I look forward to being able to take some of your advanced courses in the future. Warm regards, T

ESSENTIAL Cardiac Training during COVID: FREE online courses April 11 2020

ONLINE RECORDING OF RHYTHM INTERPRETATION and RAPID 12 LEAD ECG ASSESSMENT ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN "QRS TIPS". Please review as often as you need.  If you would like the print material for these presentations, please send an email request.
As of April 30, QRS has provided 49 FREE 1-hour online Rhythm and ECG courses to over 1,654 frontline staff across Canada.
The 2 Hour Cardiac Medication review starts May 4 as does the Novice Rhythm and ECG courses.  Check on our website for more details.   

Online Training on Rhythm Assessment for COVID Deployed Health Care April 07 2020

New to Rhythm and 12 Lead ECG Assessment? Are you being deployed to a unit where you will have patients on the cardiac monitor? Please view our FREE 1 hour online NOVICE and REFRESHER training courses, available online in our QRS Tips page. Send an email to darlene@qrseducation.com to request the course material to go with those courses.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year December 30 2019

As the last year of this decade comes to an end, we hope that you had a wonderful year with great memories. Best Wishes for a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year.


You still have time... November 26 2019

to take your BLS, ACLS or PALS course before the end of 2019! Check out our website for courses near you! Can't find anything? Send us an email at sevi@qrseducation.com to see if we can arrange something for you and your team!

2019 Focused Updates November 14 2019

Today, Heart and Stroke released their updates on BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP and First Aid. For more information, go to www.heartandstoke.ca/cpr

Remembrance Day November 11 2019

Please take a moment today to honour all those who have fought, and continue to fight for our freedom, our peace, and our way of life. Thank you.


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