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On-Demand Courses: I forgot to mention it to Darlene, but I also just wanted to say that you guys are doing a GREAT job with online delivery. As a student who completed my RPN to BScN almost entirely online, I really struggle to understand why so many schools think that "online education" is synonymous with "self-taught", and that instructors are considered course "facilitators" vs "teachers". I am a strong believer that mature online students should be provided with the same resources as campus students, which includes having access to both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities (ie. live Zoom sessions to interact with the instructor and classmates, or access to video lecture recordings).  I can't express enough how happy I am to have found QRS, I really enjoy your approach to educating and will def be taking more courses in the future. Melissa, May 2021


8 hour OnDemand Novice Rhythm Interpretation

July 25, 2021: I have completed the Rhythm interpretation course! It was FANTASTIC and I do have some reviewing to do of the different AV blocks but other than that, it was very self explanatory and amazing (I have been in nursing school for online learning, and this was one of the best and most well taught 'classes' I have had!). Kendra M.


June 2021: I have completed the course, and have thoroughly enjoyed the content. I have the strips done and checked with the answers. I am the CCU clinical educator, so the course was easy to navigate for me, and feel that with my new hires, the content is at a perfect level at entry, as we get many new nurses. Many thanks, N. Peterson, Woodstock General Hospital.


May 2021: Just writing to let you know that I found the On-Demand Novice Rhythm Interpretation workshop very informative and very well done. I have taken this course from another provider in the past and I prefer the layout and delivery of this one. Jessica S


8 hour OnDemand Rhythm and ECG Refresher

July 15, 2021 Hi Diana and Darlene: I really enjoyed this course & I have completed the sessions and the test. It was very thorough with lots of good tips and tricks. Thanks again, S. Conway, Woodstock


July 6, 2021 Good Afternoon Darlene, 
I am an RPN at the Woodstock General and I have just completed the Rhythm Interpretation and ECG refresher course. Your online recording was excellent. I actually found that I was able to gain a better understanding of the rhythms as I was able to stop and go over the material many times as opposed to the pressure of time constraints in the classroom. Thank you for taking the time to record yourself during these strange times! Thanks again, Catharine Hope RPN Woodstock General Hospital. 

June 27, 2021: I just completed the online/zoom Rhythm and ECG interpretation Workshop. I would like to thank you for facilitating this learning in a unique way which has been adapted to continue to accommodate ongoing  learning needs during these difficult times. The content was easily followed, well presented and relevant to my everyday nursing practice. As an ER nurse (for the past 10 years) I don’t often get the opportunity to thoroughly dissect ECGs, especially the changes noted after cardiac events and I appreciated the review. I have taken this course at the beginning of my career and feel it was equally, if not more valuable to take again now.  Thank you, Lisa McKay, Woodstock. 


May 2021: My name is Melissa and I just finished the OnDemand Rhythm ECG Refresher.  I just wanted to provide feedback and a big thumbs up on this course. I recently completed Humber’s Coronary 1 and 2 accelerated courses (7 weeks each) between Jan- April.  The Humber courses are mostly self-taught with slides/readings but no video lectures, and heavily focused on peer discussion posts for practical application without instructor feedback.  While I did learn the basics, I was having a lot of difficulty with the actual step by step practical application of ecg interpretation, as well as understanding the logic behind location, symptoms, and treatment of the different infarcts. Your video provided a simple, approachable, yet thorough summary of information and I really feel that it tied in the fundamentals that I learned in Corn 1 and 2. I think at this point I will need to sit down and practice more ECG interpretation both at work in my spare time before taking the Advanced workshop, but I am really looking forward to the next course! Thank you for the awesome learning experience, really glad I took the course!


8 hour OnDemand ECG for Nurse Practitioners

March 2021: Hi Diana, Initially I was very disappointed that I was not going to be able to take the ECG for Nurse Practitioner course on the day that I had originally registered for. Instead, I attended the 8 hour OnDemand viewing and I would like to say that I am so glad that I did. I have been able to review and go back over the instructions and explanations to my heart's content! It was really good information at exactly the level I needed. The case studies were great too. Thank you very much. Please let Darlene know that I thought that the course, the presentation and the handouts were excellent. Ruth, Indigenous Services Canada


1 hour online Deployment training on Rhythm Interpretation during COVID

May 9, 2020: In terms of feedback, I really only have positive things to say. I think that your course was a best case scenario for online learning. You gave several examples that really helped with explaining. You were quick to answer questions in a direct way and broke it down sufficiently so that as a novice learner I could understand. The amount of time you allotted to breaks and to do practice questions was great as well. Finally, I really appreciated you sending the learning material ahead of time, as I don't know that it would've been a great way to learn about strips and ECGs without actually being able to mark them up. Thank you for hosting this course, I really enjoyed it and your teaching style. I look forward to being able to take some of your advanced courses in the future. Warm regards, T

April 21 2020: I work in Sunnybrook and I have to say your site is a wealth of knowledge its truly a treasure.  I don’t know if people realize what is  there to see..  My experience is about 30 years as an RN and sometimes nurses forget I  am  a human too.  I am still learning and enjoying every minute.  The experience you share is hard to find so thank you.  Your teaching methods also have made it easy to learn even though  I am almost done. Time is cruel if I had known all this years ago maybe things would be different. I have never been the smartest person in the room but I have always been the person who will care the most.  I hope that counts for something someday. Sorry I have gone on and on. 
Anyway thank you doesn‘t seem  to cut it but  that is all I have. 
Regards, Janet

April 7: 2020I cannot thank-you enough. The Cardiac piece is scaring me the most (I’m an ENT nurse without hands on cardiac experience, just technical knowledge that I’ve never used in practice) with my potential redeployment to CCTC here, and this course really helped me review and understand how to communicate in a way that will make sense when I’m seeing changes on the monitors. Allison, London ON

April 7, 2020: Hi Darlene, I just finished your Novice course. I would love to continue learning from you so. Feedback on the Novice course. It was brilliant. You were organized and straightforward. I appreciate there was a large amount of information to cover in a short amount of time. It is a little overwhelming but you presented in a calm way and were answering my questions before I could fully formulate what I wanted to ask. Example: What do I do when I see a wide QT rhythm? Boom you were already telling me the answer before I finished my thought. I took notes and I use this week to look them over and do some practicing at work. Thank you. I work in Taber, Alberta at the hospital in Acute Care. We occasionally have telemetry patients and I always cop out and take the strips to the Emerg girls to read if looks at all wonky. Thanks for this service. Colleen, Taber AB



~  "I am a visual learner and without pictures, I would not retain as much. Thank you for putting together such a clear and easy to understand learning tool. I am going to pass this on to our Emergency Educator as I know she will be able to use this for training purposes".    Oakville, ON.

~  "This book is amazing. I wish I had it a few months ago when I was trying to understand rhythm strips and treatment. Thank you for making such a challenging topic so easy to understand".     Ajax, ON.



Hi Darlene...Just dropping you a line. Heard you were at Sunnybrook teaching an ECG course. One of our new orientees in the Cath Lab was raving about you! Just thought I'd pass on the positive feedback as it's always good to know the difference you make in nurses lives by doing what you do! We appreciate it!

I have attended the ECG interpretation course. Darlene 10/10 Instructor, great approach methods, knows the information well and not one question got unanswered. When ...I paid for the course, I had no idea the information I will get out of it, So worth it. have never had a better experience. One of those times you don't want to leave the course/class!!!

I have previously taken ACLS course with other company, I didn't get near as much information nor couldn't understand it well. Approach is everything, and knowing that all questions are welcomed- definitely helps. Would recommend ECG interpretation course to anyone who is interested in ECGs/ Acute care/ ER. The best $ I have ever spent. Oh, the price was amazing for 8 hours of education. Thank you so much!!!

I learned so much from your class, and it has prompted me to ask a lot more questions and research best practice standards! It’s amazing to me, the more I learn the more I realize how little I know.    Thanks again, Lona. 



January 2020: "Just wanted to let you know that the ACLS course this weekend was excellent.  Sevi's instruction was comprehensive and delivered in a manner that allowed for great learning.  She developed really good dynamics within our group which included a wide range of previous experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be sure to recommend it to anyone else seeking BLS or ACLS certification." Thanks again, Lori

“This was the best ACLS course ever!  The instructors were so non-intimating and approachable.  As a result, I felt I retained and learned so much".

I just want to say how satisfied I am with the whole course.  I was expecting something extremely stressful and the instructors did the opposite. The pre- course was wonderful, I learned a lot and the testing itself was even better.  I never thought I could learn as I am being tested and I did.  The instructors created such a friendly atmosphere that became impossible not to learn and succeed!    Thank you very much...Daniella

"Thank you both again for sharing your expertise in professional practice and for your teaching methodologies of the AHA ACLS class at our Hospital. I will be absolutely seeking out future educational opportunities with QRS."

"Just to let you know that we had a great ACLS course with your instructors over the weekend. It was a fantastic learning environment and everyone appreciated the instructors. Thanks again for you help"




Hi QRS Team,



Just wanted to say thanks again for your assistance and organization in getting our PALS program up and running.  Bill, you were fabulous to work with and the instructors were really thankful to have you there for your encouragement and support.  And thanks for teaching the last course for us.  By stepping up and allowing that course to run, you've helped improved a patient's experience and outcome most definitely which at the end of the day is what this is all about. 



Hope your trip home was good!



Until next time,











 “Course instructor was amazing, very interactive and knowledgeable, providing a comfortable learning environment.  Ample information and open to questions.”  “Nice to perform in our facility location and to use our equipment with hands on skill stations. Scenarios were realistic and relevant to trauma practice with application to nursing.  Loved the small group!”  

The instructor is able to tailor this course to meet the needs of individual groups...this was one of the critical features that the PHTLS course is able to do.  The TNCC course is often the mandatory trauma course at many of the smaller hospitals.  QRS Educational Services would like to see the PHTLS course as the trauma-certificate course.

Thank you so much for agreeing to come and provide PHTLS to our staff. I have only had the chance to speak to one of the nurses and she really enjoyed it. She liked the adult scenarios, learning tips and tricks (ie tourniquet use). I heard they went to our trauma room for some of the discussion which was a great idea. Pediatric trauma is not something we see often so I can see that more scenarios would be great for our staff.  Thanks again. Looking forward to your next newsletter.  From the Emergency Educator at a non-trauma hospital in northern Ontario



HERE IS WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE 1-Day Assessment and Management of the TRAUMA Patient Course... 

This 1-day course is a non-certificate course which means there is no testing, and no anxiety associated with testing, but lots of hands-on practicing.  

I’m pleased to say that we had a fantastic 2-days with Scotty. There was something for everyone, both seasoned and new, and I know that everyone took away something from the course. I know we had a few staff that perhaps didn’t attend because they may have thought that this course was similar to TNCC. What I appreciated most about this course is that it encouraged critical thinking, planning for adverse outcomes and future interventions, and having sound rationale behind what you are doing.  It’s not that TNCC doesn’t do this, but I know there is a lot of pressure in those courses to memorize facts and algorithms, and this course seemed to embed knowledge in a very learner-centred and applicable manner, especially for non-trauma center staff.    

When I look for a course to provide for our staff, I always like to provide education that can provide information that will change their practice immediately – this course definitely did that, and I would be happy to recommend it to others.

“T”, Clinical Nurse Educator, Emergency




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